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The following guest post is by my hubby Neil. 

Disclaimer: As part of a FitFluential campaign, my hubby Neil received a pair of Saucony ISO-Series Triumph, in exchange for his honest review. The opinions shared are his own.

Before moving to Portland, I would surely have called myself an avid runner. It seemed I was always training for a different race, tailoring my workouts and strength training to compliment running and getting in my miles whenever I could. Things started to slow down a bit when Edith was born, but I was still running. I finished my 2nd half marathon of the year after she was born (the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Montreal) as well as a number of 5k and 10k races as part of my training.


I started to lose my way a bit once we moved to Portland. I was working a less flexible job that didn’t allow for as many runs during the day and with no shower, we were spending a lot of time exploring the city and I didn’t have any running partners any more. My training started to fall off and I ran the worst of my 3 half marathons last October. Lately, I’ve had the itch to start running regularly again and to really take it seriously again. When Lindsay asked me if I wanted the opportunity to try out the new Saucony ISO-Series Triumph, I jumped at it!


Until now, I’ve jumped around from shoe to shoe and hadn’t been able to settle on one that was right for me. A neutral, cushioned shoe has always been what I’ve found works best for me and the Triumph fits that bill. As soon as I put the Triumph on, I knew I was going to love them. The new PWRGRID+ cushioning technology made for a really comfortable ride and minimized the stress on my knees and legs that I’ve experienced with other shoes. Despite the cushioning, the shoe was incredibly light and responsive. The inner sock on the shoe provided a lot of great stability while running as well. The shoes felt great on the runs I took them on, both on the road and the treadmill. I felt fast and my legs didn’t feel like they had taken the same pounding that they did in some of the other shoes I’ve tried that were a similar weight, but less cushioned.


I’m really looking forward to running many more miles in the Saucony Triumphs as I make my way through the next step in my training and fitness journey. Now on to finding a new race to run! Also don’t forget to check out my WOAH face over on Lindsay’s Instagram account$55kneilandedith


  1. It is so hard to find a shoe that really works for you! I remember in the very early days of Nike that their women’s runner was my dream shoe. (This was only a few years after the waffle iron shoes.) It was like they had come to my house and made a casting of my feet, and then made a pair of shoes to fit me perfectly. I haven’t had shoes that fit that well in more years than I want to admit. (But it won’t be hard to figure out, based on the math.)

  2. It’s a careful line, having plenty of cushioning but still being light. I also want my shoes to be waterproof enough to survive some Street sidewalk corners with surprisingly deep puddles!

    • These shoes faired fairly well in the rain as long as the water didn’t go over the top of the shoe. The last couple runs I’ve done have had some puddles and my feet were dry until I stepped in a puddle that went over the top.

  3. Always good to find what works for you! I have a hard time finding zero drop shoes to train in so I currently wear the cheap-o canvas sneakers from Target. Not too glamorous but they are great for keeping my spine in the right position when lifting!

    • Most running stores will help him with purchasing shoes that work well for him, too! They’ll talk with you to help understand what you’re looking for in a shoe and then watch your stride, etc as you try on different shoes. I’d definitely recommend checking out Portland Running Company or Foot Traffic.

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