Fitness Friday | DietBet Update & Kara Goucher


Happy Fri….errr Saturday! Sorry this post is a day late but yesterday ended up being crazy busy and we were out of the house from 8am-8pm! Yikes! Friday night is also our no-computer at home date night so as soon as we got home it was kids to bed, make a quick curry and (frozen) dumplings, pour a glass of wine and crash on the couch with The Blacklist. 

Hiking last Sunday

Hiking last Sunday

So here it is the DietBet halfway update. So far as of last Sunday I am 20% to my DietBet goal weight. I don’t weigh in again until tomorrow morning but I unfortunately don’t think it has changed much since last week. That being said what has changed for the better is my activity level and diet. So far things are moving in the direction I want: weight (slowly) going down, activity level going up and diet becoming cleaner and cleaner. 

So what are my goals for the next two weeks?  Run more, hike more, walk more, strength train, and lots of yoga. Focus on eating really well/clean 80-90% of the time (right now I am closer to 65-75%) and create a clean pantry/fridge aka stock up on lots of whole grains, beans, fruits and veggies and reduce packaged goods. Lastly, get organized, declutter and do something for myself that nourishes my mind, body and soul. 



Since I am a huge fan of Kara Goucher I wanted to share with you that she is goinng to be on the cover of the November/December issue of Women’s Running Magazine which hits stands November 11th.  

Included in the magazine will be a day in the life feature story of Kara that highlights her training techniques, eating habits and  inner-most thoughts. I don’t know about you but I LOVE day in the life posts and vlogs. They are one of my favorite types of blogs to read and now that I am writing this I am thinking I should really include more on my blog – what do you think?

Anyways in the November/December issue of Women’s Running Magazine Kara’s life is in full display as she shares the contents of her fridge, her lip gloss hoarding problem, and her training routine which includes two-hour full-body sports massage (where do I sign up?) from her therapist of 15 years, Allan Kupczak. 

One thing that really draws me to follow Kara and her life is that she is also a mom. Kara is mom to four-year-old Colt. Though pregnancy was a tricky proposition given her career, Kara said motherhood “was the best decision I ever made.” I have to agree with her it is really the best decision that I’ve ever made as well. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this issue of the magazine in exchange for sharing the news of Kara Goucher’s cover.  

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