Photo An Hour | 6.10.14

7a books in bed7:13a Edith and I check out books in bed before sipping on a giant jar of lemon water and making/eating breakfast. 8a cookie prep8:30a Edith and I work on finishing up a batch of My New Roots Vanilla-Rooibos Fig Newtons that I had made the dough for on Monday. P.S. found that giant bag of organic figs for $10 at Costco. 9a coffee9:30a I finished my 40oz of lemon water so it’s coffee time with beans that were freshly roasted the night before by my loving husband.* 11a fig cookies10a Cookies have baked and cooled so obviously we had to taste test them while watching Elmo’s World and blogging (me not Edith).  10a kitchen play11a It’s time for some dishes to be done and lunch to get ready so that means kitchen playtime.  12p sweet pot lunch12:03p Lunch time! I had a (baked) sweet potato fries salad with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, green onions, sriracha and vegan ranch.1pm netflix and blog1:15p Edith is finally down for a nap so that means work time and Royal Pains. 2pm playtime 2:45p Edith is up so it’s playtime!  3pm watermelon fitpregnancy3p We take our playtime outside for a little baby pool action for Edith, Fit Pregnancy for me and lots of watermelon for both of us.  4pm dinner prep4:21p Time to prep dinner! (I made a lasagna with those no bake noodles and didn’t use enough sauce so dinner was kind of a bust).  5pm dishes5:05p All this cooking means lots of dishes to wash… 6pm bikes6:36p dinner has been eaten, Neil is home and it is time for a family walk!  7pm sorbet froyo7:01p Vegan Froyo. Enough said.

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*I sat down to drink my coffee and check in on some blogs while Edith watched a few minutes of Sesame Street and instead found myself in tears at the news of another school shooting, this one only 20 miles from my house. My heart is feeling pretty heavy today – when will we finally put a stop to gun violence?


  1. Geanna

    Those are the best pictures of Edith! Also, your lunch looks amazing.
    I can’t believe the newest shooting was so near to Portland. That’s so scary.

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