Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday! I’m seriously exhausted today and I don’t know if it was the terrible sleep I got while away, the running around all weekend or just the third trimester slump – or maybe it’s a combo of everything? Anyways I am wishing I could have a coffee IV right now but I don’t think my midwife or body would approve.

IMG_7299This past weekend Neil, Edith and I escaped to the coast for a little family get away. We hadn’t planned to do any more trips away before baby #2’s arrival but at the last minute we decided to use our gift certificate to the Surfsand Resort that my hardworking husband received as a gift from work. Since the cost of rooms there are a little out of our normal vacationing budget we had planned to just go to the coast for one night but around lunch time on Friday I suggested to Neil (who apparently was already looking into hotels) that we might go for an extra night away. We agreed and decided to extend our weekend as an early anniversary celebration. We found a room in Seaside and headed there once Neil got out of work, which was early thankfully!

IMG_7339The forecast for the weekend was pretty ominous but it didn’t matter we were ready to enjoy a little family time away. it rained the entire drive to Seaside and then off and on all evening. I checked the weather forecast one more time (just in case) to see what Saturday would be like and again it predicted rain however to our delight it ended up being the most beautiful day!!

Seaside-MothersDayWeekend-ToddlerWearing-KissesWe decided to spend Saturday in what has become our favorite spot in Oregon –> Astoria. You might be familiar with Astoria from the 80’s film The Goonies or Arnie’s Kindergarten Cop. Anyways over the past 13 months we have visited Astoria three times and we are seriously in love.

IMG_7476 astoria-bagelsOur adventure in Astoria started with a stop to the 14th Street Coffee House for a (second breakfast) and coffee. Then we were off to the Columbia River Maritime Museum which we had heard was pretty great but had never visited on our previous trips. We were seriously impressed with the museum and all three of us had a blast. We will be back!

IMG_7493After the museum we decided to take the Astoria Riverfront Trolley which we were able to pick up right outside the maritime museum. We had never really considered riding the trolley until this trip and Edith’s love of all things trains (choo choo!). We were pleasantly surprised to find that the trolley was actually a lot of fun and something we will be doing again. We were hungry so we only ended up doing half of the ride (you can get on and off all day for only $2pp).  Next time we are in Astoria we will be riding again.

Our last stop in Astoria before heading to Cannon Beach was at Buoy Brewing Company, a new brewery that just opened this year. We stopped in for lunch, beer (for Neil) and to see the sea lion that lives under their building. The food was insanely good, Neil loved the beer and we all loved the sea lion. Now you might be wondering how does a sea lion live under the brewery? Well the brewery is in an old building that is literally over the water so when the owners were renovating they decided to put in a glass floor in one spot where you can look down into the water and there is one giant sea lion who loves to stay there and sometimes you can see as many as 20 sea lions there at one time. Processed with Rookie

After lunch we headed straight to Cannon Beach and to our hotel. We were about 20 minutes early to check in so we went straight to the beach to get a view of Haystack Rock and for Edith to play a little ball. Once we were able to get into our room I took advantage of it being Mother’s Day weekend and decided to take a soak in the giant tub with a view of the ocean while Neil and Edith headed back to the beach to play in the sand. That evening we got some dinner and called it an early night.


Sunday (Mother’s Day) Neil went for a run and Edith and I played in our room for awhile. Once Neil returned we headed back to the beach for awhile to play in the sand. We decided to head back to Portland early to get lunch since while the beach is beautiful the food options are lacking so we were in need of a good meal. We spent Mother’s Day eating, grocery shopping and enjoying some time in the sun.

IMG_7539What did you do this weekend? How did you spend Mother’s Day? Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s and mama’s to be!

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  1. The Oregon coast is amazing! I’ve never seen my dog happier than when he was running on Cannon Beach. 🙂

    I can’t *really* celebrate Mother’s Day yet, but the Lil’ Fetus did take me on a beautiful hike yesterday, which is a tradition I’m hoping will continue when she’s on the outside.

  2. So many supersweet pictures of your munchkin, I particularly like the kiss and looking at the fish! It sounds like a worthwhile little getaway!

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