Prenatal Workouts: 14 Weeks

I’m almost 15 weeks! Full on into the second trimester and just like with my pregnancy with Edith I am starting to feel more energized and my morning sickness isn’t so bad (not gone yet though). It has been my goal to make it to the gym 3 days per week but so far I have been averaging 2 days per week. I spend around 45 minutes doing a combination of cardio machines while watching White Collar on Netflix.Gym Time 14 weeks

I honestly switch machines at least once during a workout because I have to take a pee break. Seriously I can’t go a workout without needing one. Last Saturday I actually had to stop when I only had five minutes left but well when you’re pregnant and you have to go…well you just have to. So when I returned for my last 5 minutes I decided to do the stairmaster. Seriously in those last five minutes I felt more of a workout than the intervals I had been doing on the elliptical! I was a hot sweaty mess.  gym time 14 weeks -1At home I have been doing my Tracey Anderson Prenatal videos and a lot of up and down our stairs. Next week I plan on getting myself on a better at home workout schedule and I am also going to start taking a prenatal yoga class. I’ve been a little nervous to start one since I haven’t tried any of the studios that offer prenatal yoga before but I guess there is a first for everything! I am hoping that I’ll enjoy my first class and be set to go to it 2-3x per month.

So those are my workouts the past week! How were you active this past week?


  1. Emma

    I joined our local gym which offers a variety of fitness classes each night: kickboxing, Pilates, interval training, etc. On top of that, I have been taking full advantage of our massive amounts of snow and snowshoeing like crazy. I’m loving it!

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