2014 Goals


Goal 1: Organized Home. This past year we have been living in a bit of chaos. When we first moved out to Oregon we found an apartment near Neil’s new job but we quickly found that it was not the right area for us so we never really settled into our apartment. Finally in September we found a new home in an area we love however do to some mover issues it took us nearly a month to completely move in and once we finally did Neil got hit with a huge project that left him working 70-80 hours per week through Christmas. Needless to say unpacking got thrown on the back burner and while we have been able to set up our main living areas (for the most part) our downstairs office room is a disaster, we have no photos hung and we still have closets with boxes in them. That all being said this is the year that we organize our home, settle in and keep up with everything.

Goal 2: Fitness. How could I plan my 2014 goals and not include something fitness related? Well the end of 2012 was not great in the fitness department. Between Neil’s insane work schedule, out of town guests and oh yeah morning sickness my workouts were pretty nonexistent all of December. Here we are in the new year and well I am officially a January joiner. We joined our local community center gym which has a pool and classes as well. While it’s not the most exciting gym it’s $53/month of Neil and I to go and Edith is free to use the pool. So we are getting into a new routine of 2 pool days/week with Edith and I am planning 2-3 gym days. When I can’t make it to the gym I have a number of prenatal workout videos at home that I have from Edith’s pregnancy and some new ones that I am excited to finally start using.

Goal 3: Be More Present. These days I seem to have so much on my mind and often don’t feel like I am staying present. My goal is to spend focused time on the things in the moment and make sure to carve out focused time for the things I love. This means spending my days with Edith being focused on her while also taking time through out the day to focus on our home and keeping it tidy. It also means carving out time each week for me to blog and do any freelance work that I want to do. It also means making sure that each month Neil and I have a date night and since October we have been going strong with this and have had our date night already this month and we have one scheduled for next month already.

Goal 4: Take More Photos. I go through phases of taking lots of photos and then taking very few. I take photos throughout the week with my iPhone but when I say my goal is to take more photos I mean photos with a real camera. I think it’s important to document our lives in photos so that we can look back at things and I also would like to improve my skills and to do so I need to spend more time taking photos. Now I’m not talking hours and hours I simply mean 5-7 days per week taking at least a few quality photos.

Goal 5: Less Screen Time. Since I have been in my first trimester I have been watching too much TV and spending too much time on my iPhone. This year I would like to spend more of my evenings doing something more productive than catching up on TV shows every night. Now I’m not saying no TV just less TV such as one show per night but not until I have done something productive and Saturday nights are fair game to watch a few shows or a movie. Also part of less screen time is spending less time throughout the day checking my twitter, IG, Facebook and e-mail on my phone. Being a SAHM I find myself reaching for my phone all too often because well it’s there and it’s my outlet to the outside world some days. This year however I want to pick my phone up less during the day. I am actually thinking of just leaving it in our bedroom and checking in on it every 90 minutes just to see if I have missed phone call or text.

What are your goals for 2014?


  1. Sarah

    I think I have all the same goals! I’m also a January Joiner, decided to join a gym down the street from home as opposed to using the one at work, I think it’s going to work out better (pun intended, ha ha).

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