PNW Winter Running & Mizuno Wave Rider 17

*The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

It’s December 4th and I am still running outside! This is just another thing that I love about the Pacific Northwest. Last year I was able to run in mid-January (when we moved here) and it was amazing. I am looking forward to keeping up with 2-3 days of running per week this winter as well however I need to gear up.

Winter 2012-13

Winter 2012-13

Last year I waffled over whether or not to buy a water proof running jacket and by the time I decided to the rainy season was just about over. Here we are again in the rainy season and I think it’s just about time to gear up with a new running jacket. Other essentials for PNW winter running include a brimmed hat to keep the rain out of your face, gloves (!!), warm running tights and of course a good pair of shoes.

As I write this however we are in the midst of a cold spell and it’s actually been colder here than in Vermont AND yesterday there was a dusting of snow. So I guess I might need to get a few new warm base layers as well. Oh how much easier it is to run outside in the summer! Maybe we should move to Hawaii.

While gearing up for seasonal running is important I would say the most important and essential running items you need is a good pair of sneakers. I have been all over the place when it comes to running shoes just based on weight, experience and changes after pregnancy.  The first shoe I ever bought was a Mizuno Wave Rider about four years ago. I loved them but took a break and tried some others but I am glad to be able to try another pair of Mizuno and not just any Mizuno the new Wave Rider 17.

photo 2Why you might also like this shoe:

  • You’re a neutral runner looking for a new shoe.
  • You are looking to train for an upcoming race and need a shoe that will be able to give you just enough support and cushioning for high mileage training.
  • You want a shoe that is not only supportive and good for training but also looks stunning on your feet. photo 1

At this point I have done around 8 miles in these shoes (I just received them a week ago) and I like them. I can’t commit to loving them until I have done at least 20 miles but I am hoping that I do! So now I have new shoes and I am hoping Santa brings me a few of the other essentials above so I can make winter running happen (or I’d take a gym membership and do some winter dreadmill running).

What are your winter running essentials? How do you chose a running shoe?



  1. Multiple layers for the cold weather! Thermal thin waterproof gloves, socks and trainers as well as a thermal beanie hat and jacket… oh they’re thermal by the way 😉

    Warming up right and warming down right too, especially in the cold weather.

    I too had some new running shoes, and double layered socks (these are a life saver!!) and my first run was a new personal best (15 miles!), even though I was shattered beyond belief lol.

    Anyway, the Mizunos do look good, but might not be ideal for me (unless I had an insert), I opted for some with cushioning on the inside section.

    Keep up the good work

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