Vacation Workouts

Am I the only one who actually enjoys working out more on vacation than at home? I find it really fun and motivating to get up early in the morning and heading the the hotel gym or out for a run. It also helps me feel a little better when I inevitably enjoy a sweet treat or maybe something a little less than healthy.

Hotel Running

During our latest excursion to Seattle I did a little research before we headed out and found that our hotel had a huge cardio room, a weight room and a pool. They also had these great little cards created by Runners World that have 3-5 mile running routes near the hotel. On top of that they had workout clothes and shoes that you could rent for $5/day if you forgot yours. Could you really ask for more?

We took advantage of the cardio room which had treadmills and ellipticals with personal TV’s at each which is always a nice distraction.  We went to the pool as a family and had some fun splashing around and Neil went on the 3+ mile run on the card in the photo above. On top of all that we did some major walking, about 15 miles over the entire weekend and if you have been to Seattle you know that there were some major hills as well.

On our next trip I will me in the midst of training for my half so I will be researching good running routes in Charlottesville, VA. If you have any suggestions let me know!

Do you you like to workout on vacation?


  1. Wow that is so cool! What hotel did you stay in? It’s a great idea to have those cards made up.

    I love working out on vacation. Some of my happiest “Vacation” memories were running on the beach in Hawaii, running the Strip in Vegas and hiking in Arizona.

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