#RWT100Miles: Update

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 8.48.38 AM I had the best intentions to write this post back on the 15th (the half way point) but with everything that happened this week I have taken a little break from posting. I have had a few post go live that I had previously worked on but other than that I haven’t been feeling ready to get back to blogging I have been to consumed with everything that has been happening this week.

Anyways I thought that it was important to an update before this challenge is over and I hope to do at least one more next week along with a post on my favorite running gear.

I honestly am not sure that I myself will be able to complete the challenge but I am trying my hardest to do so.  I think I was a little naive to think that I could easily get in 100 miles this month while taking car of a baby and my home responsibilities. I am not giving up but just being realistic.

So far I have completed 50.3 miles walking and running.  So with 49.7 to go that means I need to average 4.14 miles per day between now and the 30th. I know based on my running plan I have to run about 20-25 miles between now and the end of the month so it’s just the other 25 or so miles I need to complete as well.  Hmmm…maybe I can?

I would love to hear how other participants are doing and what your thoughts are.  It really has put things in perspective for me and makes me WANT to move more.   I sit far too much during the day and need to get these legs outside and moving around more often.

P.S. I will be posting early next week with more details but get ready for May’s challenge it’s going to be planking awesome. hint. hint.



  1. I’m finding this one really really hard. If you slip behind it just adds way more mileage than seems manageable. I was cranky today and actually jogged some of my intervals just to get home sooner. This project at a walk takes an hour a day which is pretty rough when I’m super busy, plus I have to tack on that hour walk to days I also work out because my workouts and strength and tennis so they don’t have mileage. I’m determined to finish but I wish I did bike!

  2. Liz

    This turned out to be to much of a challenge for me this month. It seemed like the days where it wasn’t either raining, very windy or I worked all day were just to few and far between. Especially when I could just go work out in my comparatively cozy basement. I plan on trying this again on my own in a few months, when spring actually arrives around here.

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