Get Out And Vote!

I don’t discuss politics on the blog for obvious reasons but no matter what your political views are get out there today and vote! Your vote is your voice let it be heard!

I was going to vote this morning but E decided to get up at 4am (I blame daylight savings) so I was more focused on getting a little rest and coffee in me before Neil left. I figured I’d go when Neil got home tonight because we are a one car family and he was taking the car to work.  Then I got to thinking it’s only 3.6 miles round trip to the polling station, maybe I could just walk.  I decided to take the chance that E might fuss the whole way but I was going to go (and good thing I did because Neil’s prospects of arriving home in time for me to vote is looking grim).  So E and I walked…err I walked the 3.6 miles with E in the Ergo.  The walk was amazing! E slept for 70% of it, the sun was shinning and absolutely no fussing!

Anyways if E and I can walk 3.6 miles to vote you can get out and vote too!


    • My husband is Canadian and wishes he could vote but alas he is not a citizen.
      Congrats on baby #2! We have a number of carriers and while we like our Ergo our favorite right now is our Boba Carrier and we loved our Boba wrap when E was first born.

      Thanks for the award I’ll head over and check it out!

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