5 Things: Fitness Favorites Go Wii

Today I received a review copy (at no cost) of Harley Pasternak Hollywood Workout and it got me thinking about my favorite Wii fitness games that I haven’t used in months…okay maybe more like a year. Now that I have this new game to test out I am really excited to get back to my other favorite games (all of which I purchased myself).

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games | This isn’t your traditional Wii fitness game but it is super interactive.  I love the bobsled and my absolute favorite is the ski jump.  Neil and I love to play this game and compete against each other.

Wii Fit | This was the second Wii game that we purchased with the balance board.  Although I don’t use it as much any more I used to use this almost daily and my favorite activities were soccer heading, ski slalom, the plank challenge and the jackknife challenge.

Wii Fit Plus | When we originally purchased the Wii we bought the balance board and Wii Fit and really like it so when Wii Fit Plus came out we got ourselves a copy as soon as we could.  I liked Wii Fit but the Plus is so much better.  I love the yoga and strength exercises the most and I love that they suggest combinations of yoga and strength moves to do together.

EA Sports Active | At one point we were going through a Wii fitness craze in our house and so of course we had to get EA Sports Active.  I really like this one because it creates 20 minute circuit routines for you and has a 30 day challenge (which I plan to try again in the upcoming months). I just noticed that there is an Active 2 ….hmmm might need to get my hands on a copy.

Wii Sports | This game came with our Wii and honestly is probably the most used out of our collection.  I absolutely love the golf and the boxing.  The boxing really gets my heart rate up and is fun to do.  Just talking about it makes me want to start the game upright now.


What are you favorite Wii fitness games?



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