From Kitchen To Couch

This weekend I was hopping to be doing a lot of this:

Cooking that is, not the camping part.

I was also hoping to

  • to catch up on my blog reading
  • work on some new blog posts
  • take a trip to the farmers market to get a vegan cupcake <–attempted this but we arrived too late and she was sold out!

Instead I have spent most of the weekend doing this:

I woke up Saturday morning feeling tired out and ridiculously congested. Neil and I got out of the house for a little bit yesterday but after lunch and a few errands I needed to go home and take a nap aka sleep for 2 hours, eat dinner and go back to bed.

This morning I was hoping after resting, hydrating, and neti potting yesterday that I would magically be feeling better today but well I think I’m actually more congested!! I was planning on going to yoga today but since I can’t breath out of my nose I think I will put it off until Tuesday and spend today again resting, hydrating, and neti potting. That being said there may not be a Recipe of the Week this Monday but I will hopefully have one to you later in the week!

What do you do when your weekend plans go south? Do you have any pregnancy safe holistic methods to combat allergies/congestion?

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