Mood Boosting Food

We all are living busy and stressful lives and for many  food is a big part of this stress.  Finding time for healthy cooking and eating just adds to the already too long “to do” list causing more stress to our mind and body. Although food can cause a lot of stress in our lives it can also energize our body and help us to make the most of our busy days.

small change in diet can improve energy levels and how your body responds to stress. So boost your mood and increase your energy, while decreasing your stress, by increasing fresh veggies, seasonal fruits, whole grains and lean protein. It is important to remember to start small this could be as simple as making your Mondays Meatless or upgrading your snacks to include more fruits and veggies.

Head on over to my health coaching site where you can find more information on Mood Boosting Foods and three Mood Boosting Recipes.

Keep your eyes peeled for the following recipes coming up this week:

  • Recipe: Lemon-Herb Whole Wheat Couscous
  • Recipe: Chickpea and Potato Tagine

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