Pregnancy Update: Week 11

The baby’s the size of a lime!

Your baby at 11 weeks

  • You can’t see it, but she’s moving fluidly and gracefully in there.
  • Her skin is see-through, but she’s on her way to looking more like a baby.
  • Her fingers and toes aren’t webbed anymore.
  • Tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds are forming.
How I’m Changing
I unfortunately still haven’t taken any pregnancy photos, partly because I’ve been lazy and partly because my husband has been working crazy long hours and hasn’t been home before I go to bed to take a photo of me (self portraits are just a fail).  I have been feeling bloated the past week and I am really starting to feel round around the middle. I have gained three pounds since becoming pregnant and yet I feel like I have gained 10 because my body is changing so much and my clothes aren’t fitting the same (or some at all).  I am trying to just be calm about it but sometimes I just feel upset that my favorite dress doesn’t fit right or the fact that many of my tops and bras (which I need to buy new ones of) are too tight across the chest and of course the fact that I currently only have three pants that fit well.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
How I’m Feeling
This week I have had really horrible sinus congestion and postnasal drip which has been driving me crazy.  From what I have read the nasal congestion can be due to hormones, the same hormones that are causing me morning sickness, mood swings and fatigue.  My morning sickness (rather all day) is still happening and I’ve been particularly tired out in the afternoon lately.  I have to say as much of challenge as morning sickness, fatigue, ect are I am really happy that I am having these symptoms because it means the hormones are working and I am growing a healthy baby.  I am hoping that in the next 3-4 weeks I will be feeling better and the morning sickness with subside.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
What I’m Eating
I have been eating crazy meals.  I have been on my own 8-10 days out of the past two weeks because of the Hubz crazy work hours so I have just been making food for me.  Last night I had creamy corn with nooch and hot sauce, a lemonade and a potato (you can see why I didn’t blog about that).  Other meals this week have been a bean quesadilla (which my stomach hated), pasta with nooch and broccoli, soygurt with berries and granola (which I have had for almost every breakfast as well) and a tortilla with avocado, chickpeas and corn.  I also have been munching on tons of clementines.
My major food aversions are garlic and onions.  The smell makes me nauseous and it’s awful because I LOVE garlic and onions.  I also am having quite an aversion to leafy greens. I am hoping that come the second trimester these aversions will calm down and I can get back to eating normally but until then as one of my midwives says don’t stress some days all you want are mashed potatoes and thats okay.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Random Facts of the Week:

Overall weight gained: 3 lbs
Crying fests: 1 huge one and lots of tears while watching Christmas movies
Food cravings: citrus
Amount of exercise: 0 <– working on workout goals for the upcoming week
Number of pants that fit: 3; 2 jeggings and one pair of Loft pants that luckily still fit
Maternity clothes purchased: 4 tops and 2 bottoms

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