1. Beth

    My favorite chip flavor is sour cream and onion!- and I REALLY hope I win this one cuz I just dropped my reusable tea mug at work a couple hours ago and it shattered into tiny pieces. 🙁

  2. Melissa

    I think “cheddar” flavored kale chips would be delicious! Spicy chipotle sweet potato chips would also be great!

    • Crystal

      I love chips. Almost all chips. That is my problem. Spicy chipotle Sweet potato chips are yummy and Ketchup chip

  3. sarah garvey

    I used to love pizza flavored pringles and pizza flavored combos, but I think I’ve already seen that on kale chips. What I’d really be interested in seeing would be sweet and savoury kale chips, like cinnamon and sugar!

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