1. When I do my menu planning, I like to do a month at a time. I look at non-perishable items that I already have and try to incorporate those into my plan. I usually select 14 recipes, since most recipes make two dinner portions and that leaves a couple days for dining out with friends. I then write up two grocery lists (one for each half of the month), so I can take it with me on two big grocery trips every month. This system seems really OCD to other people, but I like it and it works for me. I know that I have the stuff to make certain recipes, so I can be flexible and move around the order when needed. Like you suggested, I keep complicated/time-consuming dishes for weekends when I’m not working.

  2. Christi

    OMG girl you are awesome!! I feel famous now…LOL I am definitely going to try this for next week and thank you so much for the links to the recipe sites. I am new to cooking (I hate cooking but I’m trying to learn to love it) so this is perfect! You rock!!!

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