1. Yeah, I really need to work on menu planning. I’m so terrible at it. I’m good about not buying stuff I already have, even without looking in the pantry (yay photographic memory), but it’s a struggle sometimes putting a meal together since I just bought a bunch of random stuff.

  2. Yes! I just started meal planning in January and I LOVE it! It (usually) means only one trip to the store per week, saving money in the long run, and only buying what I need. It also saves time because I know what I’m making and know that I have everything so when I get home it’s in the kitchen right away! And for non-veggies, it’s helpful to know what you’re having that night because you can pull frozen stuff out of the freezer to defrost while you’re at work. Yayy! 🙂

  3. I have nearly the same list of recipes flagged to make! Tonight I’m making the blackeye peas & greens. Looking forward to hearing how the rest of these turn out.

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