1. I really liked the paper too! I thought the ink color was classy but fun!
    Quite a thorough review. Thanks for putting this all together by the way – I’m planning on cooking a lot more from V’con and am looking forward to the other cookbooks as well!

  2. Robillm

    I am not a vegan, though I am dairy free due to an allergy. I have vegan cookbooks for obvious reasons, but so far I have liked Veganomicon the best. I will admit to only trying out 5 or 6 cookbooks though–I source the internet often! Can you recommend a couple of vegan cookbooks (NOT for desserts or sweets) that are better than Veganomicon? I would be interested in checking them out! Thanks!! = )

  3. Kristin

    I use this book pretty regularly and love it, however there are several recipes that are missing steps. I made the “Almost All-American Seitan pot pie” last night and was surprised it didn’t tell you what to do with the seitan after you’ve set it aside, just to put the filling in and cover. Naturally I just mixed in the seitan but I still thought it was odd. ( the pot pie was absolutely amazing by the way. I definitely recommend trying it.)

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