1. My husband makes cold brew coffee with his Toddy cold brewer, basically soaking the grounds in cold water and draining off the liquid which is a coffee concentrate which you can combine with boiling water for an “instant” fabulous cup of coffee. Because the grounds don’t come in contact with the hot water, it doesn’t get any of the bitterness of brewed coffee. I’m an addict, and am now pretty much spoiled for any but the very best coffee. I would, however, love to try the french press for those rare days when we run out of the cold brew for a day or two. And, on the OIAJ – I would think the uncooked, unsoaked oats would be pretty darn chewy. I love oats just about any way, but have never tried them like that!

  2. I use a French press most mornings, and I love it. I also have a glass stove top peculator coffee pot that my parents used in the 70’s. I use this a couple times a month. I just received a coffee grinder as a wedding present, so I’m excited to grind my own beans and have even better French press coffee. The oats look great!

  3. You may have inspired my breakfast today (hee hee). I love how your french press is so cute and green- since I’m the only one drinking coffee in this apartment I should consider getting one! I always end up throwing out some coffee from the coffeepot.

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