1. Wendy McDaniel

    “Cinque e’ Cinque” is a traditional italian food made with chickpea flour. The name was coined in the early 1900s by sailors referring to the cost of five cents for the patty and five cents for the bread. I’m very interested in trying this – I already make an indian savory pancake of sorts from chickpea flour (indian style besan flour) that is quick, easy & vegan.

  2. Bob

    I found some of the Citrus suggestions to be ver interesting. My fav holiday tradition is the simple getting with family.

  3. Wendy McDaniel

    I’d have to say my favorite holiday tradition is food. Traditional family food, baking with my kids & grandkids.

  4. Tan-Nee

    Lucini won “Best Dressing in America” for their Cucumber & Shallot Artisan Vinairgrette. That’s amazing, I def. wanna try it….

  5. Went to their site….I learned they DO make more than just pasta sauces!!! (Although I’ve never seen any of their other products on a store shelf around here, unfortunately) AND….they’ve got lots of recipes on their site, which you can filter by “vegan”!!

  6. I love going out to cut down the Christmas tree. We always wait until there is snow and go to the same farm. I take lots of pics as we search for the perfect tree.

  7. Meagan

    My favorite Christmas tradition is when my family goes to the tree farm and pain stakingly picks out our tree (usually in the snowy and freezing weather). Then we bring it home, hoist it up (hoisting is necessary when it is over 10 feet tall), and decorate it with all of our decorations collected from over the years. And of course, getting to see all of the cousins. 🙂

  8. Dianne Robbins

    Being an aunt and not being blessed with children of my own, I’ve always enjoyed taking my nieces and nephews out shopping to buy presents for their moms, dads and grandparents. The kids get so excited to pick out the present and we have a good time wrapping the gift. They always run to place it under the tree, in front so their mom can open her present first. Their eyes light up with joy when the receiver opens their present and gasps with delight and wonder and asks for hugs and kisses. It’s all so sweet.

  9. Congrats, Tanya! Now I am so curious about the Cinque e’ Cinque, I’m going to have to see if they carry it at my natural food store – or I see I can order it from Lucini’s website…

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