1. This sounds awesome! I made some barley risotto this weekend while experimenting with wild mushrooms…I was really impressed with the flavor I got. I was also impressed by the low price for the dried mushrooms.
    I ended up simmering my mushrooms in more water than the directions called for with a little big of braggs and using the broth i got to make the risotto. YUM. I’m so glad cold weather has arrive. I’m going to play with your recipe tonight. My husband doesn’t like tomatoes (except in salsa and ketchup…weirdo); so i”ll have to sub in another veggie.

  2. Yum…this looks and sounds so good. I’ve never used dried mushrooms before. I’m sure I won’t be able to find the dried lobster shrooms where I live, but you can bet that I’ll be on the hunt for them! :o)

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