Coconut Water and C25K

This morning the Hubz and I were up and raring to go so we packed up our laundry and headed to the laundromat to get some washing done since we have yet to purchase a washer and dryer for our new condo.  I worked on some school work and snacked on a bagel with hummus (that I brought from home) and sipped on a horrible iced coffee which I unfortunately did not take a photo of and threw out after about half was gone. When we got back to the condo it was down to business for me and I set up a work station near the windows for me.

About and hour in I got antsy and decided that I would try out the new Couch to 5K iPhone App that I had purchased last night.  The Hubz decided he would go swimming and we headed out to the bike path which is conveniently behind our place and right on the lake *swoon*.

So I successfully completed day 1 of C25K and I LOVE IT!  I think that this is one of the best app’s that I have ever purchased never mind that it’s the only app I have ever purchased. Three things that I love about it are:

  • You can add play list right to the music section of the app and they start when you start the workout.
  • Before each interval starts there are 3 beeps and then it tells you to run/walk so you never have to look at the screen to see what you need to do next.
  • When you reach the half way point it lets you know so that you can either turn around like I had to or just so you have a reference point to how long you have been going.

This program is really great for me because I was running and then for various reasons you can go back to read about I just drifted away from running.  I signed up for a run in September and I am so excited to do it and use this app for my training.  The Hubz has even decided that he would like to try it after he met up with me after swimming and saw/heard how enthusiastic I was about it.

All the running and extra speed walking I did worked up an appetite and so we came home and made yummy wraps and had coconut water and Brad’s Raw Chips-sweet potato.  The wraps had sauteed portobello, avocado, spinach, green onions and a little hot sauce in them, and some cilantro in mine.

Hubby scrapped out the insides of the coconut and I will use it later to make some “chicken” burgers from Ani Phyo’s new recipe book.  Now it’s back to the work station to get down to business.  Then we are off to  run errands and to the movies with my GF to see Inception!


  1. I’m so jealous/excited for you that you have the enthusiasm and drive (not to mention the energy) to train for such a run! 🙂 Makes me want to go out and get some exercise.

    On another note: the wraps you’ve mentioned… they look eerily like Flat-Out wraps, is this what they are? If so, I remember reading either on a blog or mesage board some controversy about one of their ingredients being non-vegan. :/ This was probably about a year ago & I can’t for the life of me remember where I read this or what the ingredient was… but the concensus, after an e-mail from the manufacturer, was that the wraps were not vegan. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Hopefully some research will prove they have become cruelty-free since then. *crosses fingers*

    • thabnks for the head up on the flat out wraps but that is not what we had. These are thin flatbreads I picked up at our natural food store and they are vegan but thanks!

  2. That is a massive looking wrap! I’ve looked at Ani’s book a few times but nothing seemed too interesting. Do you like it?
    Also, I’ve heard great things about C25K. It threw me off at first how many people were doing it because I kept reading it as a 25k! Keep up the good work!

  3. Jaclyn Smith

    Oh, my friend & I run to that app…the first few times we felt as if we ran faster because of the strange woman talking to us & ordering us around. Pretty soon you won’t need it anymore…you’ll just do your 5K 🙂

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