1. Ah again, I remember last time you did this I was quite inspired by your creations!! Unfortunately when I “try” I still manage to goof on going out to eat, and being slightly uncreative. Maybe I’ll get reinspired by your first week!

    • cookingforaveganlover

      Don’t let yourself feel too constrained by the challenge- if you go out to eat once and awhile big deal and don’t feel like you have to be overly creative- keep things simple. My favorite pantry challenge meal is brown rice, steamed broccoli, roasted carrots and garlicky beans topped with hot sauce, nama shoyu and nutritional yeast. Simple yet healthy, filling and delicious!

  2. Good luck! I don’t think I have enough pantry space to really do this kind of challenge, but I tend to do a mini-one every week and make sure I use up my old grains and beans and nuts before I buy new ones. I could stand to spend less on produce, though.

  3. Oh boy, we did this last summer before we moved across the country. It was amazing what creative dishes I made, and some of them were really good! We also did several “meze” type dinners of a few smaller dishes. The freezer was a treasure trove, though. Sometimes I forget to use my frozen veggies.

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