1. Yum. I love nutritional yeast. I didn’t know what it was either ’til I went vegan, and still didn’t try it out ’til I gave a Mac N Cheese recipe a go.

    I add it to pasta sauces – both cheesy and tomatoey, tofu scramble, and also in tofu marinades or vegetable stirfry sauces.

    A great marinade mix is a splash of balsamic vinegar, and of soy sauce, a smaller splash of maple syrup and a decent spoon of nutritional yeast. It’s my new staple marinade!

  2. Whit

    I love the mac & cheeze recipe I use it in, but I have yet to venture into putting it in recipes I make up. This helps put me on the right track for being adventurous!

  3. I’m a nutritional yeast addict too. I always use it in tofu scrambles, sprinkle it on salads, and I love nutritional yeast sauce (so quick, easy, simple and tasty). Otherwise, I sprinkle it on pretty much anything that needs a little kick.

  4. I’ll second nooch in tofu scrambles. It’s vital – it *makes* a tofu scramble.

    Try it in savoury oatmeal: nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, beans/tofu/seitan, hot sauce – pretty much anything you’d eat with rice or any other grain. It’s surprisingly good!

  5. I, too, have learned to LOVE nutritional yeast. ^_^ I like to sprinkle it on salad wraps for a little “cheesy” flavor. It’s also awesome on burritos and quesadillas when I don’t feel like using or am out of vegan cheese!

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