I've Been in the Kitchen

I know it seems lately that I have been lacking in the food/recipe post and I am sorry! I have been working on recipes from a number of cookbooks as well as testing recipes for Happy Herbivore’s upcoming cookbook. I will be posting some more cookbook reviews including pictures of various dishes and well be having 2 cookbook giveaways – one of them a raw recipe book! So look for these in the upcoming weeks.


  1. I want onion rings!

    Also, I didn’t realize how vegan friendly Leunig’s was, my dad (who lives in Burlington) raves about it.

    Also, it totally rocks that the Alchemist has kombucha. Where but Vermont is there small town breweries with vegan food and drink?

    I love vermont.

  2. Oooh yeah! I NEEEEED a raw book, I’m trying to get my Dad’s diabetes reversed through eating raw. Trust me, it’s hard work getting an avid meat and dairy eater to go raw vegan!

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