1. cookingforaveganlover

    haha yeah we usually end up eating there at least once…if not every morning we are there- we branched out though and went to Prana….I think it might be our new spot.

  2. cookingforaveganlover

    Bianca- I know right…the chef even said Carnivores for lack of a better word…..my husband and I looked at each other…and were both like….um omnivore = better word!

  3. Great post – I really enjoyed reading about your restaurant adventures. It’s wonderful to find restaurants that combine fabulous taste with good health!

  4. We got something peanut buttery from vegan treats too, it was amazing. Did you like Prana Cafe? my good friend Lauren works there and raves about it. As for VegFest, I felt like last year was so much better…maybe because Sarah Kramer was a speaker and it was my first Boston VegFest, who knows. Hope you had a good visit!

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