So I am really interesed in Kombuncha and everything it claims to offer however I just can’t get over the rotten taste it leaves in your mouth.  It just taste like rotten fruit/vegetables (which it is in a way since it is fermented) but it’s hard to get down.  I find myself chugging it when I do drink it and I appreciate the sparkling aspect of it as this helps in distracting my mind as the rotting beverages slides down my throat but who knows maybe I just haven’t found my flavour yet and I think I definitly took a bigger risk this time with the multi-green which is essentially kombucha and green algae.  Anyone have any favourites I should try? I’ve tired a guava one that wasn’t bad but otherwise that’s it.



On another note last night was a yummy dinner of Ani Phyo’s raw shiitake miso soup which I was skeptical about considering the large amount of olive oil involved but it was delicious.  We also had a sprouts and cabbage salad with sweet miso dressing from Everyday Raw which was delicious- made from white miso, raw tahini, lemon juice and water soooooooo good.


  1. Tan-Nee

    My mom used to make her own kombucha tea by growing the mushroom (aka mother) in a large jar…I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember it tasted pretty decent and not at all like what you described (with the rotten/fruit vegetable taste – yuck!)… If you want, I could ask her what she did to make it taste not bad… 🙂

  2. I love GT Daves synergy, but I also enjoy the vinegar taste so you might not like it. The strawberry is too sweet for me, so maybe it would work for you.

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