A photographic Update

Yay! We finally had snow which Neil has been hoping would come! (however it’s mostly gone now)

Ariel has become very curious as to what is under the love seat

This was a yummy stir fry Neil made using Soy Curls…I can’t quite remember what kind of sauce he made I think some sort of brown sauce

These are Fried Green Tomatoes over mixed greens with a Balsamic dressing

This is a super yummy hangover stirfry we had filled with tofu, mushrooms and kale made with a soy and vegetarian oyster sauce mixture

Pizza we made using our pizza dough, wild mushrooms and spinach from our CSA as well as some Mozza Teese topped with a balsamic drizzle
Ariel so excited for the holidays with her Christmas sweater that was too small (I had to cut it off her….I am sure she is glad no more sweater)
Roasted Delicata Squash rings, BBQ tofu puffs and Broccoli in a garlic sauce

  1. Ricki

    All those foods look so interesting! Never heard of tofu puffs before (or a hangover stir-fry–hmmm–hope it worked!)The squash rings are a great idea, too. And of course, the two of you are so cute in that first photo 🙂

    BTW, Neil, did you get me email about the package? I’ve since devoured the chocolate bar–I swear, that was THE BEST chocolate I have ever eaten!!

  2. Bianca

    I’ve never thought to serve fried green tomatoes over salad greens, but that’s a lovely idea! I LOVE me some fried green tomatoes.

    Ariel is adorable in her too-small sweater. Reminds me of that “Fat Man in a Little Coat” skit.

  3. Bethany

    wow, there is so much food in this post. any one of them alone is making me hungry.

    A hangover stirfry sounds pretty tasty to me.

    I can’t believe that I have never had a fried green tomato. Must be the lack of green tomatoes in my life.

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