Veganmofo- Kismet Kitchen

Another great place that Neil failed to mention is Kismet Kitchen on Barre Street in Montpelier. Although neither vegan nor vegetarian they are very accommodating to your individual dietary needs and even have vegan crepes. It is absolutely amazing for breakfast and trust me you will leave and need to unbutton the top of your pants, untuck your shirt and loosen your belt. They are open
and lunch…….
wednesday through sunday 8-3
(kitchen closes at 2:45)
Also be aware that is Cash or Check only! No cards!

“when the work we do is motivated by our best intentions, we are ultimately rewarded
with the divine gifts of inspiration, joy, and pleasure.
As we devote more and more of each day to this good work, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to better ourselves and our community.
At kismet, we believe that through our intimate relationships with local farmers, individual customers and clients, our staff, and our neighbors, we are able to feed ourselves with the abundance that surrounds us. We use food as our medium, like artists, musicians, or healers, to keep us engaged and connected to our vision.
Using as much local food as we can, sourcing all of our other ingredients, and making as much as we can from scratch (like butter, ketchup, mustard, and kombucha), we have the ability to control and maintain the quality and intimacy of the food we are serving.
Sure, it’s just food- but we’re sure that its good food,
and it sure does feel good making it.” (Kismet Kitchen Website-

  1. Tami (Vegan Appetite)

    I just found this place on the web in researching for the trip. It’s great to hear a real review!

    Have you tried Green Goddess outside Stowe? We’ve gotten some good salads and TLT’s there in the past.

    Get this, we were calling around pizza places and Pie in the Sky offered to use soy cheese if we brought it. That clinched it for us.

  2. Bethany

    vegan crepes! now I need to convince my mom to go on a day trip with me next time I’m in VT. Last time we went there, we visited the granite quarry.

    I remember Montpelier’s High School cross country running course was really difficult.

  3. Lindsay I-F

    yeah i have never heard of green goddess but i will have to try it!

    yeah i wouldn’t want to have to bring my own cheeze i might as well make pizza myself. However there are a lot of good pizza places that have good pizza sans cheeze.

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