Leftover Chinese Challenge

We had a big family take out night from Green Dragon Chinese in Morrisville Vermont on Saturday and my husband and I wanted to dry something different than our usual General Tsao Tofu and Broccoli with garlic sauce that we always seem to get . So to be “daring” we tried the tofu with black bean sauce and the green beans with garlic sauce and some yummy veggie spring rolls. The green beans were pretty good and the springs rolls very yummy however the tofu with black bean sauce just didn’t work for us, the sauce was nice but it was all just a little too slimy.

However, never wanting to waste food I decided to try and save what was left of the tofu so it wouldn’t just get thrown out. We had some left over white rice as well so I decided why not try some black bean tofu rice cakes with a green bean and garlic sauce? I blended the left over tofu and it’s sauce and then mixed it with the left over rice, I added just about a tablespoon of flour to help combine things and then I heated a pan and fried on both sides until brown (aboue 5 min and site) then this was all topped off with some green beans and garlic sauce.

I have to say it was a good save and we didn’t have to waste anything! However now we know not to get the tofu with black bean sauce ever again!

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