The Babymoon

babymoon : A last vacation taken by expectant parents before a baby is born.

Ever since we found out we were expecting I have had a babymoon on the brain and I have been searching and searching for the perfect trip.   The trip must fit into our limited budget since our normal fun/travel budget is much smaller with a baby on the way and it must be somewhere relaxing.  Usually when we travel we are always on the go, running around to here and there, this time we want to just sit and relax. The other factor that we have to consider is the fact that I only have a small window of opportunity to fly and unfortunately that is February to mid-March, the most expensive time to fly south from Vermont (of course).

Ideally our babymoon would be spent somewhere like this:


Sunny, warm and on the beach with a virgin mojito in my hand.  Instead we probably will have to go with Option B:


Still on the ocean but only 4 hours driving from home and about 40 degrees colder (I don’t think we’ll be lounging on the beach.)

Either way I know we will have an amazing time together.

Did you go on a babymoon? Where did you go? 

Quick Pregnancy Update: 15 weeks yesterday so stay tuned for my 15 week pregnancy update coming up tonight or tomorrow.