FAVORITES | October/November

Disclaimer: While barkTHINS, Skoop and Aurorae provided me with samples these are all items that I love and will/have continue(d) to use after trying their samples. No additional compensation was provided. As always all opinions are my own.


barkTHINSbarkTHINS.  barkTHINS generously sent me a box of their delicious snacking chocolate last month and I have become addicted. We quickly ate our way through the dark chocolate pretzel with sea salt, dark chocolate almond with sea salt and the dark chocolate pumpkin seed with sea salt. We loved them so much that when I spotted a giant bag of the dark chocolate pumpkin seed with sea salt at Costco I had to buy it for our pumpkin beer tasting party. As I write this I am kicking myself for not picking up some last grocery order because it was on the list in my mind but I forgot to add it to the paper list which means of course it didn’t make it into the cart. Well I won’t make that mistake next time! That being said I need to try the peppermint one because it sounds insane. 

skoop 5 day challenge

Skoop A Game. Skoop sent me a box full of their products and so far I have only tried the A Game but I LOVED it. I took their 5-day challenge this past week and I now I am sad that I am all out of A Game. I had one blender bottle each morning before breakfast filled with A Game and unsweetened almond milk. A Game is filled with 41 plant-based ingredients including organic spirulina, organic barley grass, organic chlorella and organic wheatgrass to give you a healthy dose of greens first thing in the morning. Next on my Skoop journey is to try the B Strong protein powder and B Lovely skincare support. Also I need to order myself some A Game because mornings just don’t feel complete without it. 

teeccino caramel nut

Teeccino. So I had a single sample of this from something that I went to maybe VegFest or hmmm I honestly have no idea. Either way I had a single packet sample and decided to give it a try the other night just for kicks and well I fell in love. The next day I sent Neil out to pick up a box so that I could have more and it has now become a nightly tradition for me. It’s wonderful with some steamed non-dairy milk (current fave So Delicious French Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer – now say that 5x fast). The caramel nut flavor is like having a warm sweet chocolate caramel treat – the perfect end to any day. 


aurorae norhtern lights skyYoga. When I was pregnant with Edith I was all about the yoga and you could find me at a class at least once per week and I did an at home practice at least twice per week. After her birth it took me a little time to get back at it but I eventually got back into my routine. This time around I did yoga only a few times during my pregnancy with Alder but I am determined to get back to my regular routine now. Luckily I have a beautiful new yoga mat thanks to at Aurorae. I tell you a workout outfit or piece of fitness equipment (would you call a yoga mat equipment? I don’t know but I am) it makes getting back to a regular routine a little more fun. I find myself “fighting” Edith for this new Aurorae Northern Lights mat and I usually give in and let her use it because there is nothing better than watching your toddler practice yoga. 



BIRCHBOX. I have purchased a few different subscription boxes but this one is by far my favorite. I have been buying BIRCHBOX now for three months and there hasn’t been a box that I haven’t loved. In my October box (shown above) I loved everything except the mascara and I plan to buy the jouer tinted suscreen once my sample runs out. This month I received an amazing smelling spruce scented candle, some fantastic mascara and a lip butter that has been keeping my lips moisturized. Have you tried BIRCHBOX or something similar- what do you think? 


auroraespacandleAurorae Pledge Candle. Aurorae sent me one of their candles from their spa line and it is seriously wonderful. We lit it recently when we had a little get together at our house and we had so many complements on the scent. I have to say that I’m one of those people who doesn’t go batty over candles but I do like to have one or two really high quality candles with relaxing scents and this one happens to fit perfectly. I also have been loving it during at home yoga practices.