1. Wow, how interesting! I do a lot of protein powder but I go for as few ingredients as possible, so my faves are grassfed collagen protein or unflavored grassfed whey. I’ve learned to make all kinds of delicious blends and flavors with them and usually sweeten them with frozen banana! I don’t think I’ve ever tried monk fruit, which these are sweetened with, pretty cool!! I’m not sure how I’d do with pea protein but I would definitely TRY these since I do like Bob’s Red Mill and they sound pretty clean. Cool that they’re branching into a new market!

  2. grlmeetsfitness

    Perfect timing! I was just asking about protein and Bobs was recommended. Definitely want to try the Chai!

  3. I had no idea Bob’s Red Mill made protein powders! I don’t really use them myself but I keep hearing my friends talk about putting them into smoothies so maybe I’ll give these a shot. I love Bob’s Red Mill products and have never been disappointed by any of them.

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