1. Good tips! Uncommon Goods does have really nice stuff! I use different pillow covers a lot to change things up, and I keep them so I can switch back and forth without always buying or making new.

    It’s funny, I used to be anti-candle too but I do like them now! Especially clean-burning ones. I haven’t yet incorporated them into our daily dinners or anything but I really should!

  2. I totally love Uncommon Goods! I buy from them for birthday presents all the time. I also love Society 6—we recently bought a ton of prints and decor from them, and I love that they produce unique pieces from independent artists.

    Good luck revamping your home!

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything from Uncommon Goods (due to lack of disposable income), but I really like a lot of their stuff! It’s a good reminder to be intentional as we keep working on improving our little fixer-upper and making it into our home.

  4. Our decor is all about the things we love, which makes it very difficult to change anything out. Most often, it happens when I create a new piece of art, or we find something that speaks to us, and then a domino effect takes place as one piece gets changed out for another. I do love browsing Uncommon Goods, even when I’m not really shopping – lots of fun ideas there, for sure!

  5. I need all the help I can get in this area. I’m terrible when it comes to decorating! I’ve tried throw pillows, but my kids use them to make forts and then they end up all over the house!

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