Erin Hamlin and USA Luge Slider Search

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I honestly didn’t think I would get so into watching the Olympics. I think the last time I watched the Winter Olympics was back in 2002 and that was probably mostly because I still lived with my parents and it was always on TV. So this year I surprised myself when I turned the TV on most nights to watch the Olympics (side note NBC is one of the four channels we get via rabbit ears) instead of a show on Netflix.

One sport I really got wrapped up in was the luge. I mean seriously how insane is the luge? Oh and don’t get me started on skeleton. I found myself stuck to the TV watching Erin Hamlin and her fellow lugers speed down the track. I honestly am semi petrified of sledding after an icy crash when I was 10 or 11 so I can’t even imagine going 80+ mph down an ice track on a thin board; maybe that’s why I got so into it?

Well as you all probably know by now Erin Hamlin won the bronze medal in the Luge Women’s Single competition and became the first American female luger to win a medal at any Winter Olympics and the first American to win an Olympic medal in singles luge of either gender. Pretty amazing right?

Erin Hamlin actually started her luge journey by reluctantly attending a USA Luge Slider Search event back in 1999. Although at first the luge didn’t come naturally to Erin with hard work and dedication she mastered the sport. Now she is a U.S. Olympian and is taking the time to give back and inspire kids around the country. Erin is teaming up with USA Luge Slider Search to introduce kids around the country to luge and find candidates who have what it takes to become the best in the country.

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