Currently. 11.14.13

IMG_4613 Thinking about:  Cleaning and unpacking. Yay that’s right we have been here two months today and still aren’t fully unpacked. Wondering how I am going to do at the Saturday race especially since I’ve only back to running for 3 weeks. I am thinking about blogging; improving my blog, posts to write and everything else that goes with it. (Finally) finishing my babywearing test.

Feeling: Anxious. Overwhelmed.

Watching: Lately I have been back to watching Supernatural; mostly on my phone in bed on those ever to frequent nights lately when Edith won’t sleep unless I am in the room with her, so 8am bedtime for me it is. Neil and I have also been watching The Black List which I am really getting into and we have started to watch Top Chef.

Reading: Nothing. I still have Orange Is The New Black to finish and I have a mile long list of other books I’d like to read.

Looking forward to: The Ugly Sweater Run on Saturday- despite knowing how slow I am going to be I am looking forward to running it with Edith and Neil especially after this terrible week we have had. I am also looking forward to date night next week.

Making me happy: How successful I have been with the 12WBT plan. My amazing husband and crazy and loveable child.

IMG_4690This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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