Currently 8.23.13


Thinking about:  COFFEE. Pancakes. Doughnuts. How I wish I was still sleeping. How I should have gone to yoga this morning but 5:15am came too early. How much I need to do this weekend to prepare for the week ahead. How I can’t believe next week another birthday will come and go.

Feeling: Exhausted, overwhelmed and in need of a good sweat session.

Watching: Okay now comes my embarrassing confession. I have been watching The Vineyard which is pretty much like the East Coast summer version of Laguna Beach. I know, I know super lame but hey sometimes moms need a mindless distraction. I also have been watching Supernatural on Netflix- side note I came across someone on Instagram who named their son Dean after Dean Winchester.

Reading: So I finally brought the Kindle back out and am finally finishing Devil In the White City.  I am also trying to decide what book our book club will read first – any suggestions?

Looking forward to: The weekend! I have yoga on the agenda for Saturday and Sunday and we have a family happy hour on Saturday. I am also looking forward to next week because I have my Babywearing Educator Certification course, my birthday and a family getaway.

Making me happy: Knowing that we can finally start looking for a new place to live- East Side here we come!

This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


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