1. jaredlaughs

    Hey Lindsay,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Cville! It’s such a great town. I went to college about 45 mins west in Harrisonburg but have found myself in Cville to meet friends or for business. There’s so much great beer! They also have a Mellow Mushroom with really solid vegan options and incredible pizza crust — I think the best I’ve had.
    I live in NoVA now, much closer to Lotus. I’ve been once and thought it was good, but like you wasn’t too impressed.

  2. I grew up near Charlottesville, so happy that you had a good time there! And Bodo’s is the #1 place I tell people to check out while they are visiting. SO good! 🙂
    Great photos too, it’s nice to see bits of the downtown area where I hung out as a teenager, makes me think it’s time I head back for a visit soon…

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