1. bitt

    I lived in Seattle 8 years and I think it’s great! The first time I visited though it took me awhile to figure out why. Staying downtown is too touristy. Much more fun is capitol hill. Sorry you missed the U-District and vegan Haven! If you are from portland I can see why you might think Seattle isn’t as good but I think it’s a little more dramatic in terms of views and also you need to take a ferry ride to make it more special than portland.

    just curious, I don’t know many vegans who go to zoos and aquariums. can you explain your thinking on that? I am just curious, really.

    • We didn’t really miss the U-District we spent a good amount of the day there and we went to Vegan Haven where we did some shopping- we even bought Edith a shirt! We then went across the street to Wayfare Vegan!

      We chose to go to the zoo and aquarium because of our daughter. We would rather go to farm sanctuaries but there are not many that are close to us (30 min or less). It’s just a personal decision that we struggled with for a long time but ended up deciding that although we don’t completely agree with having animals in captivity that we do want to allow Edith to have the exposure. I know many people who shake their heads and send hate mail my way for saying that but we all have to live our lives based on what we are comfortable with.

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