Portland Dirty Girl Mud Run

I am hooked on women only races lately.  I just completed my first quarter marathon which was all women, I am signed up for a 7k and a 5k in August both of which are women only and I have a 10k in September that is, you guessed it WOMEN ONLY! I just love women only races right now.
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One women only race that I really wish that I could participate in this year is the Dirty Girl Mud Run on June 1st here in the Portland area. I had actually planned to run this race and just before I signed up Neil was offered a new job (out of the blue) and he has chosen to take it so we are preparing to move a little closer into Portland so he doesn’t have to have over an hour commute both ways by bus and train. So since we are going away to Seattle Memorial Day weekend and we are hoping to move by mid June we are spending all of our other weekends packing our things up.  Anyways I am on to a tangent so lets get back to the point of this post.

What is the Dirty Girl Mud Run:Dirty Girl is a 5k womens only run for women of all ages and athletic abilities. Don’t worry, it’s not a “race” in the traditional sense. It is an untimed obstacle course designed to push you slightly out of your comfort zone, but only as far as you are comfortable going. Forming teams is encouraged, and so is helping your fellow Dirty Girls get through to the finish. At a Dirty Girl Mud Run you’ll find excitement, laughter, and camaraderie—as well as lots of music and even some adult beverages. It’s a day you’ll never forget” (source)

Dirty Girl Mud Run from Story Place Productions on Vimeo.

The good people at Dirty Girl have something special for you…..20 percent of the Portland Area race!!! Just use this 20% discount code, DGPORTBLOGGUEST, at check out.

If you do run this race please come back and tell me all about it. I would love to hear about your experience!

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in anyway to post this. I just wanted to share this opportunity with all of you!

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