Fitness Friday: Fit Pregnancy

It’s been over a month since I have featured a Fitness Friday post and it feels good to finally be back at it.  Before becoming pregnant I was training for my first half marathon and was running three to four times a week, doing yoga at least once per week and cross training two to three days. At about five weeks pregnant I did my last run and it was awful.  I was nauseous, exhausted and I had the worst run of my life clocking in at about a sixteen minute mile.  After that everything went down hill from there when my (morning)all-day sickness started and I was hit with extreme fatigue. I stopped running, I stopped consistently doing yoga and my only physical activity was walking and even then not at the same level it once was.

It has been challenging and frustrating not feeling up to doing the same level of physical activity that I once was, especially reading about so many other bloggers who are pregnant or recently pregnant and how they ran nearly their whole pregnancy.  I know every person is different and every pregnancy is different so I try not to get too down about it but I wish I could have kept up running through at least my 2nd trimester but that isn’t happening.

So what now? In the past week and half my all-day sickness has started to decline, I am still experiencing some fatigue but my energy levels have increased and I have started back at working out. My goal is to get a minimum of three 30-60 minute workouts in each week. I have a few prenatal dvd’s to follow which include a yoga dvd and two cardio/weight dvd’s.  I am also lucky to live in a residential area with a bike path that I can go for nice walks on until the snow takes over and when it does the Hubz and I plan to do cross country skiing (on flat services only to limit the risk of falling). I also plan on starting prenatal yoga classes at our local yoga studio at the end of the month.  I have heard from others that it is a great class and a great way to connect with other pregnant women.

This week my workouts have included:

  • Monday: 2 mile walk in 45 minutes
  • Thursday: 30 minute swim at hotel pool 

I plan on doing a bunch of walking today and I plan on heading back to the pool to do some more swimming. Next week I am going to try out my DVD’s and I plan to do a review of each of them in the upcoming months.

What is your favorite workout activity? 

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