Following Up On 2011 Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we all start to think about our goals/resolutions for the new year.  I honestly haven’t even started thinking about it but I wanted to first take a moment to reflect on my resolutions from last year.


  1. Attend a blogger conference. This goal was supposed to be an easy one but then a number of various things happened and we ended up having to cancel our trip to PDX and the other conferences I was interested in going to all happened to fall on weekends we already had plans.
  2. Do an overnight backpacking trip on the Long Trail. ACCOMPLISHED. Neil and I did one over night backpacking trip this year on the Long Trail. It was a great night and I look forward to doing it again when the bebe is big enough.
  3. Run a 5k. ACCOMPLISHED. I ran my first 5k this past summer in Portland ME.  I actually have signed up for three races since then two of which I won’t be running due to pregnancy related reasons and the third is still up in the air.
  4. Blog with a purpose. ACCOMPLISHED, but always working to improve.  I feel like I have really worked hard this year to blog with more of a purpose and have more high quality posts.
  5. Embrace Health Counseling. ACCOMPLISHED, but always working on.  I have really come a long way with my health coaching and I been working on expanding my coaching every day.  This year I worked with some really amazing clients, attended a health coaching conference, and have been working on new ways of coaching via online and teleclasses.

Other things I want to do in 2011:

  • Create a “grown up” bedroom – one that has a bedroom set, a style, and is a place that the Hubz and I can retreat to; a space of our own. ACCOMPLISHED.
  • Revamp my blog- make improvements to the layout as well as the features. ACCOMPLISHED.
  • Update my health counseling blog….rather have the Hubz do it. ACCOMPLISHED.
  • Get to my happy weight by trying new activities such as P90X, hiking, running and yoga. Was on my way and then we got pregnant and weightloss has been put on the back burner. 
  • Spend more time reading. Do you have any book recommendations? ACCOMPLISHED, but still working on.
  • Spend more quality time with the Hubz- make a conscious effort to have 1 date night a week. ACCOMPLISHED.
Overall I am really proud of my accomplishments this year and I look forward to the next. 
Check out my tips for making New Years Resolutions a Reality.
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