1. My favorite natural body product are the lotions from 100% Pure. They smell delicious and all of the ingredients are recognizable.

  2. Im really loving Raw Shea butter I ofund at an African store near me for only 4.99 for 8oz. After you get past the yellow color it is amazing. Ive only been using it a few days and my dried out wintery skin is more supple.

  3. Crystal

    I already follow you on Twiiter and like you on FB. I like all products a that are crulety free, But my favorite is Hemp Lotion from Body Works, The smell is not great. But reallt works.

  4. Crystal

    I like all products that are cruelty free. My favorite is Hemp hane lotion from bosy works. The smell isn’t the best. But it works. I already follow you on Twitter and like you on Fb

  5. sarah garvey

    To be honest, I haven’t really experimented with many natural body products. the only one ive used regularly is kid my face brand, and im not even sure how natural that is. And that is why I hope I win this…. Must broaden my experience with natural products. =]

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