1. my favorites were the king’s speech and the fighter. i also saw toy story 3(which was fantastic), black swan, the social network, and 127 hours. while i liked black swan, i thought it was more as a platform to showcase natalie portman’s talent. the social network was good, but definitely not on the same level as the king’s speech and the fighter. i did really like 127 hours, but i don’t think it’s “the best movie of the year”, although james franco did a great job.

    i’d like to participate in the “appetite for reduction” cookbook club. i’ve already tried several of the recipes from it!

  2. Very sweet looking artwork. Grandma Moses-esque, even? The meal also looks great – the caulipots I think will be a popular one. I know they’re on my list.
    And I haven’t seen any of those movies but Black Swan was great! Also..have you seen the recent Dana Carvey return to host SNL? He and Mike Meyers did a Wayne’s World making fun of Winter’s Bone…heh.

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