1. ahhh meal planning is smart hm i might look into that this way i can control what im eating and what i need 🙂 wonderful idea. Hope your finger feels better soon. And yay for the hubster having a backup plan

  2. mom

    So sorry to hear you burned yourself. Hope it is feeling some better now. Sometimes we do have mishaps in the kitchen.
    Was good to see you today. Love u

  3. Aye, burning yrself is the worst. I hope it’s all right soon. I like to menu plan too but these sort of mishaps happen to me all the time and I begin to feel like when plans so often go awry, there’s not too much point in planning all that far ahead. I still obsessively “dream plan” though…

  4. So sorry about the fingers! Hope you’re okay. I am working on my very first menu plan (one week at a time for me) this week–not too sure, but your advice makes sense. 🙂

  5. Oh no…..I hope your fingers feel better soon!!

    I don’t mealplan……but I probably should. And maybe it would keep me from making the SAME stuff over and over. We have our standby faves that I make all the time. Boring. Time to start planning!

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