• Hey Andee,

      Sorry for the tech issue..we just fixed the problem. Please use checkout code: veganlover20

      Thanks for your support and patience..I’m excited for you to grow your own mushrooms soon 🙂

      Co-Founder, Back to the Roots

    • Hi Sherrie,
      You can buy our mushroom kits on our website: http://www.bttrventures.com or at any of the Whole Foods in Northern California and soon to be at every Whole Foods in the U.S!
      Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy growing your own mushrooms!

      Ryan Ellis
      Sales Team Leader
      BTTR Ventures

  1. Midnite

    That is seriously one of the coolest and innovative things I have have ever seen. And so yummy too! I love oyster mushrooms so much! Not the price tag though. I just can’t resist them though. I think I’m gonna have to see if I can score one as a Christmas present. ..Fat chance. lol

  2. This is awesome! This will make such a great gift for my coworkers! What a great affordable, socially conscious Christmas present for my family and friends as well.

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