• Neil

      We love it! With that and the huge open windows, it’s great for sunset and thunderstorm watching! It’s also wonderful to wake up to a room full of natural light

  1. Mom

    Your place looks great. When you get a couple more chairs and can open your
    table to the fullest that will take up move of the space in the dining room.Really looks good the way you have it.
    Love you

  2. You have so much space! You could pull the sofa off the wall and look for a used/inexpensive sofa table to put behind it. It would make the TV area more cozy. I would also pull the dining table off the wall to make a more formal space. You could look for a cheap bench to put by the window to start creating a separate seating area. Area rugs help with that too. With so much space you can designate the living/dining room into 3 zones: dining, lounging, TV.

    My hubs and I are making a tufted headboard to save some major bucks. This site has a great how-to (and it’s very Young House, who I adore as well!) http://byov.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-make-tufted-upholstered.html
    And we found sooo many quality furnishings on craigslist. We were diligent in searching, and it totally paid off.

    Enjoy your company. Wish it was me back in VT already 😉 Got the hubs to commit to Burlington for our anniversary again next year, but the month thing may be a stretch. Thinking I’ll push for 2 weeks. Keep me posted if you come across possible lodgings that are pet friendly… and I’ll be sending you that little something later next week.

    Jersey Renee

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