VT Brew Fest 2010

Last night the Hubz and I made our way downtown to the Brew Fest at the Waterfront. Since it’s never good to drink on an empty stomach we headed straight to Alhi Baba’s for Falafel.

Then it was time for beer:

Finally our friends got through the massive line to get in and then we had ….well more beer obviously!

Don't worry he hasn't been double fisting all night he has mine as well

and what would Brew Fest be without friends in lederhosens?

and of course what goes better with beer than Alec’s Spicy Pretzels?

Unfortunately the night ended abruptly after waiting in line for a our last beer, getting up to the front just after our men and being told they couldn’t serve anymore. BOOOOOOOO!

The men showing of their success of getting the last beer of the night

Laura showing sad face with our last tickets of the night

It was a fun night and now that I’ve had my green juice I am ready for the market and iced coffee!


  1. I’m so jealous. SOOOO jealous. I wish I could’ve gone. Wish it had occurred when we were still in VT….booooo. Glad you had a great time and I’m sure all the beer was amazing 🙂

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